Business Consulting

Financing & Refinancing

We can support you in liquidity planning, in assessing currency risk, deciding on terms and interest. We provide you with feasibility studies and help you in comparing targets and results.


Negotiations with banks

It might happen that your bank does not speak your language. We can help you to understand the bank and vice versa. Let’s translate banking in real life wording. In the worst case change your bank.

Financial Engineering, Restructuring and Work Out

Make the most from your equity and do not forget on tax optimization. We will not replace your tax advisor but support you in developing ideas and turning them into reality. Especially in times of low interest use the leverage effect of financing and raise equity profitability. You plan an acquisition from work out? We help you to find a way out of crisis.


Sale & Acquisition

Enter a market by buying a market shares. Use losses carried forward, expand and acquire know how. We arrange for a due diligence and coordinate acquisition processes. Make use of our know how in a foreign market. Sometimes it can be worth to concentrate activities by selling non-core business; lets discuss it.

Real Estate and Project Development

A new office building, a new plant for production, a project in tourism or retail always involves complex procedures with real estate and construction, as well as facility management. Keep your capacities for your core business and outsource your real estate to specialists.



Reduce costs and complexity by merging activities under one name. Standardize procedures, concentrate activities, cut overheads.



– You are seeking new investments?

– The available financial resources are insufficient?

– Your banker does not understand you anymore?

– It is more and more complicated to fulfill the reporting requested by your bank?

– You are looking for improving your efficiency, the quality of feasibility studies and forecast / break even calculations?

– You are looking for co-investors who understand?

– You want to cut costs, raise synergies, merge activities and companies?


In short, your business activity deserves to become even better.

Let's talk about it!